Choosing To Conceive A Girl Or Boy Baby

Published: 07th August 2005
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Is it an urban myth or can how and when you have sex really determine if you will conceive a boy or a girl? Many women wishing to "order" up a boy or a girl are convinced that these tactics are more than just a wives tale.

Remember, that while this list may be somewhat based on scientific fact, our recommendations have compiled by a group of very active and hopeful girlfriends.

The most important concept is timing your monthly cycle because it is key in helping to plan the sex of your baby. Sperm is made up of X-chromosome (girl) and Y-chromosome (boy) sperm. When X-chromosome sperm fertilize an egg, it results in a girl baby, Y-chromosome sperm result in a boy baby. The "boy" sperm are fast and tend to get to the egg faster, however they also die much more quickly than "girl" sperm. The closer you have sex to your ovulation date, the better your chances of having a boy. If you have sex 2 ½ to 3 or more days before ovulation, the majority of "boy" sperm will be dead, leaving a higher percentage "girl" sperm available when the egg is released and increasing your chance of having a girl.

The pH of a woman's tract is also an important factor in planning for a boy or a girl. A more acidic environment favors girls. Shallow or missionary-position will favor a girl. Rear entry will favor a boy.

When trying for a girl

Have sex every day from day 1 to day 5, then stop three days before ovulation
The man should take a hot shower immediately before intercourse.
When woman will releases a substance at orgasm that will make the environment more alkaline, favoring boys. If you are trying for a girl, the experts recommend no orgasms!

When trying for a boy

Don't have sex for 3 – 4 days before you reach your target date (a day or two before ovulation)
Wear loose underwear, like boxers.
Drink a cup of caffeinated coffee right before sex.

For more scientific details about choosing the sex of your baby, the book "How To Choose The Sex Of Your Baby" by Dr. Shettles discusses charting cervical mucus, basal body temperature and using ovulation predictor kits.

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MrsOdie on August 30, 2011 said:
Are you charting your cycle? Get the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility." It's all about timing your intercourse. Male sperm swim faster and die quicker. If you have sex with your partner on the day you ovulate, the theory is that the male sperm will get to the egg faster than the female sperm. Conversely, if you want a girl, you make love with your partner before you ovulate so that by the time the egg comes floating down the fallopian tube, the male sperm have all raced for the finish, become exhausted, found no egg, and died. It is not guaranteed, of course, but it's worth trying. If you want a girl, just have sex every single day. It's not only more fun, it works! (take that with a grain of salt). I recommend the book mentioned above VERY highly.
Adrian Lawrence on August 30, 2011 said:
Always take medical advice particular with anything of significant personal importance such as having children.
Tirzah Laughs on August 30, 2011 said:
The cheapest way is 'sperm spinning'. A fertility doctor spins your sperm, the X (girl) are slightly larger and the Y slightly smaller. This gives you an 80% chance having the sex you want with the least amount of money but its not guaranteed.
Carol on September 14, 2011 said:
I have three girls and looking to have a boy so this sounds like great advice. I really hope it works!!
boyorgirl on January 27, 2013 said:
Great alleyway, its got to be one of the top questions that parents ask, its common sense, a new life is growing inside your tummy and you just want to know what it is...

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